We're ready to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations safely in accordance with state-specific eligibility requirements.


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Disclaimer: Please note that your submission of a response to this survey does not guarantee that you will receive a vaccine. We are following the strict CDC and SC DHEC guidelines on prioritization of vaccination. We kindly ask that you do not contact the pharmacy for an update on when you will be getting your vaccine. We assure you that you will be contacted AS SOON AS you are eligible for the vaccine and when we have the vaccine in stock. THANK YOU for your patience and understanding! *

About COVID-19 vaccines:

The vaccine will help protect you, your family, and others around you from getting COVID-19.

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About dose availability:

Vaccines will be prioritized based on state and national guidelines as they become available.

COVID-19 vaccines are not recommended for anyone under age 16 years.

CareplusRx Pharmacy locations will receive the vaccine at different times based on what public health officials decide for the needs of our communities.

We recommend you pre-register so we can notify you if we’re able to provide you with the vaccine.